Über uns   Aktuelles  Electrical switchgear – from design to installation


Electrical switchgear – from design to installation

Electrical switchgear – from design to installation


Failure-free operation of the electrical installation and trouble-free supply of electricity to consumers depends on the correct installation of the electrical switchgear. For this reason, one has to be very careful when connecting it. In this article, we will give you some tips to help you avoid costly mistakes.


We recommend commissioning the project to a qualified designer or installer who will help in the selection of appropriate cable cross-sections and protections adequate to the planned circuit loads.

Enclosure of switchgear with modular devices using our dedicated accessories such as mounting plates or masking plates is a relatively easy task.


Incobex offers you full prefabrication based on the project. Thanks to that, we deliver a finished switchgear to the customer, who only needs to connect the power circuits.



Switchgear connection

It is best to commission the connection of the switchgear to a qualified installer with SEP qualifications.

Our switchgears allow wall mounting using UMN-1 brackets, flush mounting, and free-standing (against wall or freely). Incobex cabinets can be used indoor and outdoor.


All connection works must be carried out after disconnecting the main power supply!



Choosing the right place for the installation of electrical switchgear – the most important rules


The electrical switchgear should be installed in an easily accessible place, which allows for a quick reaction in any dangerous situation and switching off the power supply in a short time, e.g. in the event of fire.

In order to facilitate maintenance and cleaning, we recommend installing the electrical switchgear so that its upper edge is not more than 0,5 m from the floor.


In addition, the switchgear should not be installed directly next to the water and gas pipelines. Keep safe distance and choose a place well protected from moisture.

To ensure easy opening of the door and access to all devices make sure that there is enough space between the enclosure and the opposite wall to open the door 180 degrees.

Incobex is a professional supplier of electrical switchboards. We provide technical assistance and advice at every stage of the investment.